Editing photos : Editing photos in an external image editor
Editing photos in an external image editor
You can open an external image editor, such as Corel PaintShop Pro, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Lightroom, from within Corel AfterShot Pro. You can choose a default external image editor and set the format, color space, and dpi settings that apply when you export images to the external editor. At any time, you can change your external editor settings in the Preferences. For more information, see External Editor preferences.
To assign an external editor to a toolbar button
1 On the top toolbar, click the Edit in External Editor button .
A configuration dialog box opens.
2 In the Editor drop-list, choose an image editing application from the list or click Choose and navigate to the application .exe.
The application icon and application name appear in the Editor box after you select the .exe.
3 Specify the File Format, Color Space, and dpi settings you want, and click OK.
The icon for the application you chose displays in the top toolbar.
To open a photo in the external image editor
In the Thumbnail panel, select one or more thumbnails, and do one of the following:
On the top toolbar click the Edit in External Editor button (button displays the icon of the assigned image editor)
Right-click or Control-click a thumbnail, and choose Edit with [external editor].
On the menu bar, click Edit > Edit with [external editor].