File system mode : Image settings in File System mode
Image settings in File System mode
Since the File System mode does not maintain a persistent catalog, the image adjustment and metadata settings are written to a Corel AfterShot Pro XMP file after each adjustment. Each time you browse to a new folder, Corel AfterShot Pro will scan the folder, removing any files from Corel AfterShot Pro that have been deleted from your computer, adding any new images found, and refreshing the settings for all existing files with the latest settings found in the XMP files. This ensures that what you see in Corel AfterShot Pro in File System Mode matches exactly what is saved on your computer. This also means that the edit history (as seen in the History palette) is reset between each session.
Note: If you're editing in File System mode and Library mode, it can cause issues — edits to photos may not be visible if you edit the same file in both File System mode and Library mode (the information is written to the file in a different way). Therefore, it is recommended that after you import a file into a Library catalog, you always access the file from the Library.