Library and catalogs : Importing images
Importing images
When you import images into Corel AfterShot Pro, they are added to a catalog. You can choose to import an entire folder, a folder and all the subfolders it contains, or you can selectively import one or more files within a folder.
Importing is a process that you control. If you add a new folder or subfolder to your computer, you must import the new folders if you want to add them to your Library. If you have added several subfolders or individual images to an existing folder structure, you can reimport from the root folder to ensure that you catch all the new items — duplicate catalog entries are not created if you import a photo from the same source location more than once.
To import a folder
1 Do one of the following
Click File > Import Photos from Folder. In the dialog box, navigate to the folder you want and click the Select Folder button.
In the Browse panel, click the File System tab, and in the Directory View, right-click the folder you want, and choose Import Folder from the context menu.
2 In the Import Photos dialog box, confirm that the Source Folder button displays the name of your folder.
To include subfolders, enable the Include images from subfolders check box.
3 Confirm that the Import into Catalog button displays the name of the catalog you want to use. If you want to create a new catalog, click the button.
4 (Optional) Enable the Apply Import Settings check box and enter any keywords that you want to apply to all the photos within the folder. You can also apply presets in the same way.
5 Click Begin Import.
Note: All the photos in the folder are cataloged. To check your catalog, click the Library tab, and navigate to your folders in the Catalogs section. Note that the files are not copied when they are cataloged — they are referenced from their original location.
Tip: If you don't want to import all the photos in a folder, you can open the folder, and in the Thumbnail panel, select the thumbnails for the photos that you want to import. Click File > Import Selected Files, and choose the import settings you want in the Import Photos dialog box.