Metadata : Managing metadata sets
Managing metadata sets
Creating and editing metadata sets lets you view and edit the metadata you want quickly. Click the Manage button in the lower-right corner of the Metadata section to open the Metadata Manager. The left column lists all metadata entries available in Corel AfterShot Pro. The right column lists metadata sets and their current content.
Metadata Set Manager
The Metadata Set Manager allows you to pick what metadata is shown in each metadata set, and to create new sets.
To add a new metadata set
Click the Add a new Set button .
A new set with the default name “New Set” is created at the end of the Metadata Sets list.
To remove a metadata set
Select the set you want to remove and click the Remove Set button .
To rename a metadata set
Double-click the metadata set that you want to rename, and type the new name.
To add metadata to a metadata set
Select the metadata entry in the left column, and drag it to the metadata set in the right column.