Adjusting the workspace : Multi-Image View
Multi-Image View
The Preview panel in Corel AfterShot Pro can show one or more selected versions. When Multi-Image View is enabled, up to six versions can be shown in the Preview panel. Multi-Image View is a great mode for comparing several versions from the same master versions, or you can compare multiple master versions that have similar content.
Note: When Multi-Image View is enabled, many operations that normally operate on all selected versions operate only on the active version, including functions like adding, deleting, and renaming versions, applying ratings, labels, and flags with the toolbar buttons or shortcut keys, and pasting of image settings.
To toggle Multi-Image View
In the lower-right corner of the application window, click the Multi-Image View button .
Note: When using Multi-Image View, you can click the Lock Position and Zoom button (located beside the Multi-Image View button) to toggle the locking of the Pan position and Image Zoom level of multiple preview images.