Editing photos : Plugins
The Plugin tab lets you access installed plugins, including plugins developed by third-party developers. These unique image adjustment tools are designed to work directly within Corel AfterShot Pro. The plugins are totally non-destructive, like all of Corel AfterShot Pro's built-in image adjustment tools, and are compatible with Corel AfterShot Pro's selective editing tools.
As you install other plugins, additional tools appear on the Plugins tab. Additional tabs are created automatically as you install more plugins.
For more information about plugins available for Corel AfterShot Pro, visit www.aftershotpro.com/plugins.
Before and after showing the original photo (left) and the results from the Black-and-White plugin (right).
Installing and updating plugins
The easiest way for Windows and Mac OS users to install a plugin is from the Plugin Manager available from the Get More tab. For Linux users, and to get general information about plugins, visit www.aftershotpro.com/plugins.
Plugins are distributed as Corel AfterShot Pro .bzplug files — a single file that contains all the files and information necessary for the plugin to run.
To install a plugin from the Plugin Manager
1 On the tools panel, click the Get More tab.
2 Open the Plugin Manager section
3 To the right of the content that you want to install, click the download button.
By default, the download buttons display Install, Free, or a price.
4 Follow any instructions for downloading or purchasing the content.
The content is installed. You might need to restart your application to activate some types of content.
To manually install a plugin (outside the Plugin Manager)
Do one of the following:
Double-click a Corel AfterShot Pro plugin bundle (which ends with the .bzplug file extension).
Drag and drop a .bzplug bundle into the Browse panel.
Click File > Install Plugin and choose the .bzplug bundle that you want to install.
Note: Corel AfterShot Pro checks to make sure the plugin you are trying to install supports your version of Corel AfterShot Pro and your computer type. In some cases, an updated version of the plugin will be installed. You must restart Corel AfterShot Pro to complete the installation process. You can restart immediately after installing or updating a plugin, or you can restart later.
Corel AfterShot Pro Black & White Plugin
Corel AfterShot Pro includes the Black & White Plugin which lets you choose from a variety of color mixing options and use an innovative spot color tool that restores one or two colors to your black and white image.
The original photo (left), black and white version (center), and spot color version (right)
This plugin includes the following controls:
Enable Black & White — turns the effect on or off.
Channel Mixer drop-down list — lets you choose from several color mixes used to determine the black and white value.
First Spot Color and Second Spot Color tabs — sets the spot color restoration options.
Enable — turns the spot color effect on or off.
Hue — specifies the hue to be restored. You can also click the Color Well to choose a color.
Fuzziness — sets the range for the restoration based on how close the colors are to the selected hue.