Adjusting the workspace : Showing and hiding panels
Showing and hiding panels
The workspace and layout of the panels and screens in Corel AfterShot Pro let you adjust and configure your screen layout in many different ways. The following menu options and keyboard shortcuts will help you create a screen layout that is perfect for you.
Menu Option
Default shortcut key
View > Image View
Switch to Image View, hiding the Thumbnail panel
View > Standard View
Switch to Standard View, revealing the Thumbnail panel and Preview panel
View >Thumbnail View
Switch to Thumbnail View, hiding the Preview panel
View > Toggle Left Panel
Hide or show the Browse panel (left)
View > Toggle Right Panel
Hide or show the Tools panel (right)
View >Toggle Orientation
Toggle from landscape mode (Preview panel above Thumbnail panel) to portrait mode (Preview panel right of Thumbnail panel)
View > Full Screen
F11 (Win / Linux)
Command + F (Mac)
Toggle Full Screen mode
These modes and layout options are also available from the Top toolbar: