Organizing images : Sorting
You can sort thumbnails by a wide range of attributes.
Name of the Version
Date the image was taken
Shutter Speed
Focal Length
Custom - used when dragging thumbs to set a custom ordering
Note: Stacks appear in the list of thumbnails in order of the top item in the stack. The images within the stack are ordered manually, so they may not appear in the same order as the rest of the thumbnails.
Custom sort order
Besides the sort orders based on metadata (like name or rating), you can also specify a manual sort order to put your images in any order you want.
Custom sorting is only possible when:
viewing a single folder (not recursive)
filtering is disabled
To apply a custom sort order to your images
1 Select a single folder, disable filtering, and turn off recursive folder browsing.
2 Then, switch the Select Sorting to Custom.
3 Drag the thumbnails into the order you want.