Metadata : Storing and sharing metadata
Storing and sharing metadata
Not everything in Corel AfterShot Pro can be shared with other applications that support XMP files. Different applications have different methods of storing metadata, so some incompatibilities may exist. Corel AfterShot Pro saves all your image adjustments in XMP files; however, these changes cannot be seen in other applications. For example, if you adjust the exposure and saturation on a RAW file in Corel AfterShot Pro, these changes will be saved to the sidecar XMP file for that image. Opening the RAW file in Corel AfterShot Pro at a later date (with both the RAW file and XMP file in same folder) will show the image with the adjustments you've made: exposure and saturation. However, opening that same RAW file in other image editors will show the original RAW file, not the RAW file with your edits intact. In order to make the adjustments you've made in Corel AfterShot Pro visible to other applications, you must export the RAW file to a editable format like JPEG or TIFF, then open that exported file in the other application.
Corel AfterShot Pro stores its settings in an XMP file that is slightly different than other popular image editors. For more information, see XMP files.