Organizing images : Thumbnail indicators
Thumbnail indicators
The Thumbnail panel and the thumbnails themselves show a great deal of information about your images and the metadata applied to them.
Thumbnail showing some of the thumbnail badges.
The table below explains the thumbnail indicators:
Indicates the image is a version (not master version).
Indicates that Corel AfterShot Pro cannot find the master file associated with this image, and is thus “off line”. You can view a preview of the image, if one exists, and can still edit metadata, but you cannot make other types of edits.
Indicates the version has Flag as Pick applied.
Indicates the version has Flag as Reject applied.
Indicated the version has been cropped.
Indicates the version has had image adjustments applied.
The number of stars indicates the Rating that has been set for this version.
Indicates the Color Label that's been applied.
Indicates the version is the top image in a stack of three images