Audio Editor : Audio Effects (AU Effect)
Audio Effects (AU Effect)
Audio Effects (AU Effect) in the Audio Editor offers a list of audio effects that you can apply to enhance your audio clip. For example, you can apply a distortion filter or reverb. The audio filters available vary, depending on the version of the software that you have. You can layer up to three audio filters.
* To apply an audio filter
1 In the Toast Content Area, select the audio clip that you want to edit.
2 In the Output Settings area, click the Audio Effects button.
3 In the Audio Editor, click the AU Effect tab.
4 Click an Effect Number, and from the Effect drop-down menu, choose an audio effect.
5 Adjust the settings for the corresponding filter.
6 If you want to apply more than one filter, repeat steps 4 and 5.
7 Click Apply.