Making Data Discs : Overview of Making a Data Disc
Overview of Making a Data Disc
This section describes the basic process of making any data disc with Toast.
* To make a data disc
1 In Toast, choose Burn tab, and in the Burn Data area, choose Data Disc.
2 In the Output Settings, type a title, and in the Use For drop-down menu, choose Mac Only or Mac & PC.
3 Set the destination and specify the number of copies, and enable any of the following check boxes:
Avoid splitting files when spanning: Will only split a file if it cannot fit on a single disc.
Auto-open disc window: Select this option to automatically open the main window of the disc when it is inserted into a Macintosh.
Use compression: Select this option to compress the contents of the disc prior to recording.
Use encryption: Select this option to encrypt and require a password to access the disc contents. See Compression and Encryption.
4 Click More... for additional optional settings:
Disc Name: Type a name for the disc.
Icon: Choose a custom icon for the disc. (See Custom Icons and Backgrounds.)
Disc View: Choose the default Finder view for this disc: icon, list, or browser.
Background: Choose a custom background color or picture for the disc. (See Custom Icons and Backgrounds.)
5 Add files and folders to the disc by dragging and dropping them into the Content Area from your hard disk or the Media Browser.
6 Insert a blank, recordable CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc.
7 Click the red Burn button at the bottom right of the Toast window.
Toast displays a progress bar and status information as it records your disc.