Making Data Discs : Burning Projects to Multiple Recorders
Burning Projects to Multiple Recorders
Toast now includes support for burning most projects to multiple CD, DVD, or Blu-ray recorders at the same time. The steps here apply to all disc projects where Multiple Recorder Support is available, including Data, Audio, Video, and Copy projects.
* To burn projects to multiple recorders
1 Once you have prepared your project and are ready to begin burning, in the Output Settings area, select the Destination pop-up menu and choose Select Multiple Recorders.
2 Click the red Burn button.
The Multiple Recorder Setup window appears.
3 Click the check box to the left of the drive name so a check mark is visible.
4 Place the appropriate type of disc (CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc) into the drive. You can use the Eject button on this screen to open each drive tray.
5 Confirm that the status for each drive shows a blank disc is inserted.
6 Repeat steps 3 to 5 for each recorder you would like to use to burn your project.
Note: You must use the same type of disc in each drive. You can not burn to a CD in one drive and a DVD in another drive, even if the project would fit on both the CD and DVD discs. We recommend that you use the same brand and model of disc in each drive.
7 Optional: Select the Write Speed you would like to use for recording your project to each drive. You can only select speeds that are common between the selected drives.
8 Click the red Burn button to begin recording your project.
Depending on your system, the number of drives used, and how they are connected to your computer (internally, USB, FireWire) you may see different levels of performance. Burning to several recorders at the same time in some configurations may result in poor write speeds and a burn time longer than burning each disc individually.