Making Data Discs : Enabling Autorun
Enabling Autorun
If you are creating a Mac and PC data disc, you can select a Windows executable file to launch automatically when the disc is inserted into a Windows PC. (In some cases, the user will have to give their permission before the executable will launch.)
This setting will not affect your disc when used in a Mac.
* To select an executable file to autorun
1 Prepare your disc as you normally would. See Making a Mac & PC Disc.
2 In the Output Settings area, click More... for additional option settings.
3 From the Autorun drop-down menu, select the file you would like to launch when the disc is inserted in to a Windows PC.
Note: You can only use files that are executable on a PC (files with extensions such as .EXE, .COM, or .BAT).
4 Click OK.
5 Record your disc.
The completed disc will have a hidden file called autorun.inf that is only visible on a PC. This file contains the instructions that will launch the selected executable on a Windows PC.