Making Data Discs : Using Toast Dynamic Writing
Using Toast Dynamic Writing
Toast Dynamic Writing allows you to use a Blu-ray Rewritable disc (BD-RE) like any other removable storage device (such as an external hard disk drive or a USB flash drive). You can simply drag-and-drop files to the disc icon on the Desktop to record them, or drag files from the disc to delete them.
* To record to BD-RE media with Toast Dynamic Writing:
1 Launch Toast.
2 Insert a blank BD-RE disc into your Blu-ray recorder.
3 From the menu, choose Recorder > Format Blu-ray Disc for Dynamic Writing.
Toast prompts you to format the disc.
Note: Any data on the disc will be lost.
4 Click on the Format button to proceed.
When formatting is complete, a Blu-ray disc icon appears on the Desktop.
5 To record files and folders to the disc, drag them to the disc icon.
To erase files and folders from the disc, drag them from the disc to the Trash.
You can eject the disc and add more data to it at a later time.
After you have formatted the disc, you can burn data using Toast Dynamic Writing even when Toast is not running.