Converting Media : Changing Convert Options
Changing Convert Options
Convert options allow you to choose which movies, extras, and languages will be included when converting video content. When converting video, the video file which is created can only have one audio language. By default this is the same language that you hear when you playback the DVD-Video source.
* To change convert options:
1 Click the Options button.
2 Select the Video pull down and choose the video to include:
All: All movies and extras
Main: Only the single longest-running titles
Custom: Choose the specific videos to be included.
Note: When converting video for a portable device or website, no DVD menus will be preserved.
3 Select the Audio pull down and choose the audio to include:
Main: Selects the default audio track or language.
Other available languages and audio tracks will be selectable.
Note: If you set the Video option to Custom, the Audio drop-down menu does not appear. Instead, you can select audio and language options for each individual video.