Welcome to Toast 19! : Changing Recorder Settings
Changing Recorder Settings
You can view or change your recorder settings, such as which recorder to use for disc-based projects.
* To change recorder settings:
1 In the Output Settings area, click the Recording Options button .
Note: You can make this window appear each time you burn a disc by enabling Display Recorder Settings Before Writing on the Advanced tab of the Recorder Settings window.
2 Click the Basic tab to change basic recording settings, including the selected recorder, write speed, and number of copies. (The Basic tab will be unavailable if you are using Multiple Recording burning.)
3 Click the Advanced tab to change advanced recording settings, including:
DAO/TAO: DAO (Disc-At-Once) audio recording allows pauses of varying lengths of up to 8 seconds between tracks. This option also allows for CD-TEXT. TAO (Track-At-Once) recording requires a pause of 2 seconds between all tracks.
Write Disc/Write Session: Select the session option if you are creating data CDs and wish to leave the disc “open” to add more data at a later time. See Making a Mac Only Disc.
Enable Buffer Underrun Prevention: Select this option to turn on buffer underrun prevention. A buffer underrun error occurs when your hard disk is unable to send data fast enough to the recorder while recording, causing the blank disc to be unusable. This option is available only if your recorder supports buffer underrun prevention.
Use Simulation Mode: Select this option if you want to simulate the process of recording a disc. You might do this to make sure that the write speed you have selected is appropriate for your computer.
Verify Data: Select this option to verify that the contents of the recorded disc match the source files and folders on your hard disk.
Catalog Disc Contents: Select to create a listing of all the files burned onto the disc.
Display Recorder Settings Before Writing: Select this check box if you want to display the Recorder Settings dialog each time you click the red record button.
4 Click the last tab to see information about the currently selected recorder.
5 When you are finished, click OK.