Using Other Toast Features : Comparing Files or Folders
Comparing Files or Folders
You can compare the contents of files or folders to see if they match. You might do this to double-check that the original files are identical to a copy you made of them.
Compare differs from the verification that Toast performs after recording a disc. Verification only compares source data to a recorded disc, while Compare can compare any two data sets, such as two files, folders, or hard disks. Compare checks each individual file when comparing the data, while verification compares only blocks of data. Both are accurate, but Compare is more precise and can usually tell you exactly which file is missing or damaged.
* To compare folders or files:
1 From the menu, choose Utilities > Compare.
2 Choose whether you want to compare folders or files from the pop-up:
Compare Folders: Compares any two folders, hard disks, or discs.
Compare Files: Compares any two files.
3 Click Original.
4 Select the original data you want to compare and click Open.
5 Click Copy.
6 Select the copied data you want to compare and click Open.
7 Click Start.
You will see a progress bar that tracks the comparison. Any data that is in the original but missing from the copy will appear in the list.