Converting Media : Converting Audiobooks
Converting Audiobooks
The Audiobook project converts an audiobook on CD to digital files you can play using iTunes, an iPod, or many other portable devices.
* To convert an audiobook
1 In Toast, choose Convert tab, and in the Convert Discs to Digital area, choose Audiobook.
2 Insert the first disc of your audiobook into your computer’s disc drive.
3 If you are asked if you would like to import the contents of the disc into your iTunes music library, click No and close iTunes. (You will have an opportunity to add the book to your iTunes library later.)
4 Select your source disc in the Read From pull-down menu. A summary of the information that will be created appears in the Content Area.
5 Select the desired audio quality and playback speed. An option to convert stereo recordings to mono is also available.
6 Click the red Convert button.
7 Enter a name for your file and select a destination. Select the desired format from the Convert drop-down list. If desired, select the Add to iTunes Library checkbox.
8 Click Save to begin converting the disc.
9 Insert the next disc when prompted. After the final disc is converted, click Done.
10 If you elected to add the files to iTunes, they will appear in your iTunes Books library.