Using Other Toast Features : Creating a Temporary Partition
Creating a Temporary Partition
You can create a temporary partition on your hard disk that can be used to set up data you want to record to a disc. Temporary partitions allow you to have better control over the layout of your data and how its windows are arranged and displayed.
* To create a temporary partition:
1 From the menu, choose Utilities > Create Temporary Partition.
2 Enter the size for the partition. Choose a size that is appropriate for the disc that you intend to make from the partition. For example, 650 MB is suitable for a CD and 4300 MB is suitable for a DVD.
3 Choose the file system format for the partition:
Mac OS Extended: The best choice for discs to be used on Mac OS 8.1 or later, including any Mac OS X system.
Mac OS Standard: For discs to be used on computers running Mac OS 8 or lower.
UNIX File System: For discs to be used on the UNIX operating system.
4 Click OK.
Toast mounts the partition on the desktop. You can add files or folders to this partition.
To record the partition to disc, you can use the Disc Copy format and select the partition from the Read From menu. See Copying a Disc.
You can also use temporary partitions for ISO 9660 data discs. See Making an ISO 9660 Disc.