Copying Discs : Cross-platform Images
Cross-platform Images
Cross-platform image files are useful for software developers who need to produce discs with unique content for a PC and Mac platforms. You can create your Mac disc image using Toast, and you can create your PC disc image with popular PC software, such as Roxio Creator®.
* To merge disc images
1 In Toast, choose Copy tab, and in the Copy Discs area, choose Cross-Platform Image Files.
2 In the Output Settings area, choose a Read From option for the ISO image and the Mac image.
3 Set the destination, and specify the number of copies.
4 Select the Mac and PC disc images to be merged into a new disc:
To select the PC disc image, click on the Select ISO Image button.
To select the Mac disc image, click on the Select Mac Image button.
5 Click the red Copy button.