Welcome to Toast 19! : Erasing Discs
Erasing Discs
If you are using rewritable CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, or BD-RE media, you can erase the entire contents of a disc and re-record to it.
Warning: Erasing a disc cannot be undone.
* To erase a rewritable disc:
1 Insert the disc into the recorder.
2 Choose Recorder > Erase.
3 Choose the way you want to erase the disc:
Quick Erase: This erases the disc faster than the standard erase option, but the disc can only be re-recorded with Toast.
Erase: This erases the disc so it can be re-recorded using any burning software.
Note: When burning some projects to rewritable media, you will be prompted to erase the disc before beginning your project. The entire contents of the disc will be erased and will not be recoverable.