Making Video Discs : Making a VIDEO_TS Compilation
Making a VIDEO_TS Compilation
You can create a DVD by compiling multiple DVD-Video VIDEO_TS folders onto one disc and play it on a set-top DVD player or in a Macintosh or Windows computer with a DVD player.
Some VIDEO_TS folders may be too large to fit on a standard recordable 4.7 GB DVD. Toast can compress this video to fit on a standard DVD, or if your recorder supports dual-layer recordable DVDs, you can create a dual-layer DVD-Video from this folder.
This is the best choice if you have multiple VIDEO_TS folders that you want to compress on one DVD-Video disc.
* To make a VIDEO_TS Compilation disc
1 In Toast, choose Burn tab, and in the Burn Videos area, choose VIDEO_TS Compilation.
2 In the Output Settings area, type a title, choose a destination, and specify the number of copies.
3 Drag-and-drop each VIDEO_TS folder into the Content Area from your hard disk or Media Browser.
A summary of the information that will be copied appears in the content area.
4 (Optional) In the Content Area, click the Options button to choose optional Fit-to-DVD settings.
5 Insert a blank, recordable DVD.
6 Click the red Burn button at the bottom right of the Toast window.
Toast displays a progress bar and status information as it records your disc.