Using Other Toast Features : Mounting Disc Images
Mounting Disc Images
You can mount a previously created disc image file. Mounted disc images behave like an actual physical disc inserted into your optical drive and appear on the Desktop.
If this is the first time you are mounting an image file after installing Toast, Toast will prompt you to enter the administrator password. Once you have done this, you no longer need to enter the password to mount an image file. If you do not have administrator privileges, you will not be able to mount image files with Toast.
* To mount a disc image file from the menu:
1 From the menu, choose Utilities > Mount Disc Image.
2 Select the image file you want to open.
3 Click Open.
An icon of a disc appears on your Desktop when the image is mounted.
* To unmount a disc image file:
Drag the disc icon from the Desktop to the Trash in the Dock.
Warning: Do not drag the disc image file to the Trash unless you want to delete the image file from your hard disk.