Converting Media : Pause and Resume Video Conversion
Pause and Resume Video Conversion
Converting video can be a very time consuming process, depending on the format and length of the video as well as the speed of your computer. Some machines may become sluggish when the CPU is being fully utilized to convert your video. Encoding can be paused at any time to free up the CPU for other tasks and then resumed later. When encoding is paused, you can run other applications or even switch to another user account as long as Toast remains open. If you close the Toast application, even when video encoding is paused, you must restart the process from the beginning.
You can also Pause and Resume video encoding for disc-based projects such as creating a DVD-Video or Blu-ray Disc. Once these projects have finished the video encoding phase and burning to disc has begun, the Pause and Resume option becomes unavailable. You can not pause the burn process.
* To pause or resume video conversion:
1 Click the Pause button in the video conversion progress dialog to pause encoding.
2 When you’re ready to continue, click the Resume button.