Welcome to Toast 19! : Saving and Opening Toast Projects
Saving and Opening Toast Projects
You can save a Toast project and open it at a later time for recording to disc.
* To save the current project:
1 Choose File > Save.
2 Type a file name and select a location to save to.
3 Click Save. Saved Toast disc projects end in “.disc".
* To open a saved project:
1 Choose File > Open.
2 Select the Toast project file you want to open.
3 Click Open.
Note: You can browse to and quickly open the most recently used projects by choosing File > Open Recent, and clicking on a project. You can also double-click a Toast project to open it.
Toast saves pointers for the files and folders in the content area. If you move or delete any of the original items from your hard disk, Toast may not be able to find them when you open the project. To save a single file containing all source files, you should save as a disc image. See Saving Disc Images.