Audio Editor : Time Stretching
Time Stretching
Time Stretching lets you adjust the duration of an audio clip. You can speed up or slow down the audio. You can also choose to preserve the original pitch of the clip.
* To use Time Stretching to adjust the duration of an audio clip.
1 In the Toast Content Area, select the audio clip that you want to edit.
2 In the Output Settings area, click the Audio Effects button.
3 In the Audio Editor, click the Time Stretching tab.
4 Do one of the following:
In the New Length boxes, enter a specific duration.
Use the slider to set a speed change percentage.
5 Enable the Preserve audio pitch check box if you want the pitch to match the original clip pitch.
6 Click Preview to test your results.
7 Adjust the settings until you get the effect you want.
8 Click Apply.