Converting Media : VideoBoost
VideoBoost allows you to take advantage of the unused processing power in modern graphics cards to speed up your H.264 video conversions—which is ideal when you’re creating video for your iPad, iPhone, AppleTV or any device with H.264 playback.
To take advantage of VideoBoost, your computer must have a supported NVIDIA graphics card. For optimal performance, 4GB of RAM is recommended.
For notebook computers with NVIDIA graphics cards, you should also ensure you’ve selected the Higher performance option in the Energy Saver options within System Preferences. If you do not select High performance when this option is available, VideoBoost performance will be significantly reduced. If you do not see this option in Energy Saver, no additional steps are needed. You may need to restart your computer after modifying this setting.
* To use VideoBoost when converting video:
1 Ensure your Apple computer has a compatible NVIDIA graphics card. You can check what type of graphics card you have by clicking on the Apple at the top left of your screen, choosing About This Mac, and clicking More Info. This will launch the System Profiler application. Click on Graphics/Displays under Hardware at the left side and available graphics cards will be shown in the System Profiler window.
A list of compatible cards can be found at
2 Download and install the latest NVIDIA CUDA driver for Mac directly from NVIDIA. To find the driver, go to and navigate to the Download Drivers section.
3 Restart your computer.
Note: At the time of publication, you could also go directly to and download the latest driver at the top of the screen.
4 Launch Toast and create your Convert > Video Files project. Once you are ready to begin converting video, click the red Convert button.
5 If you have a supported NVIDIA graphics card, you will see a new option in this window. Ensure the new Use VideoBoost option is enabled by placing a check mark in the checkbox, if there is not one already present.
6 Choose any additional settings and convert your video.
Toast displays a progress bar and status information and will display VideoBoost in the progress window if VideoBoost is being used.