Making Audio Discs : Working with Crossfades
Working with Crossfades
A crossfade is a transition from one track to the next. In a crossfade, the two adjacent tracks overlap each other, and the first track fades out while the second fades in.
You define fades and crossfades using the controls available in the track list. Like all editing features in Toast, crossfades are nondestructive.
* To create a crossfade
1 Create an audio CD project and add your audio tracks to the Content Area.
2 Find the Fades column on the track list.
3 The first track in the list has Set Fade In and Set Crossfade buttons. Each middle track has a Set Crossfade button. The final track has a Set Fade Out button.
Click each button and make a selection from the drop-down list. Choose Custom from the drop-down list to view additional options.
4 After setting the desired fades and crossfades, continue creating your audio CD as usual.
Note: Select Disc > Clear Crossfades to remove all crossfades.