Making Audio Discs : Working With Tracks
Working With Tracks
You can move tracks across multiple discs, adjust pauses between tracks, as well as preview, rearrange, remove, and rename tracks in the Content Area.
An audio CD can contain up to 99 tracks. Up to 80 minutes of audio can be recorded on a standard 700MB CD-R. While you can’t exceed that amount of audio, you can arrange tracks so that they’re burned onto multiple CDs.
* To span an Audio CD project across multiple CDs
1 Add audio files to the Content area until you have exceeded the 80 minute per disc limitation.
2 Toast automatically adds a separator which breaks your list of audio tracks into two discs. The separator for the second disc is labelled Disc 2.
3 Once you have added all of the audio tracks to your project, you can drag files up and down not only within a specific disc, but from one disc to another.
If dragging an audio track pushes a disc beyond the 80-minute limit, tracks exceeding the limitation will be moved to the next disc.
4 You can manually add a track separator by selecting an audio track and clicking the Add Disc button at the bottom of the window beside the Info button. The new track separator appears below the selected track in the Content Area.
5 To delete a disc separator, click on the X located at the right side of it. You can not delete disc separators that would cause more than 80 minutes of audio to appear on each disc. To remove those separators, you must first remove audio files from your project.
* To adjust pauses between tracks
1 Select the tracks for which you want to change the pause duration.
2 Click the Pause column.
Choose the pause that you want from the drop-down menu. You can set individual pauses from 0 to 8 seconds, but the pause before the first track must be two seconds.
* To preview tracks
Select the track to highlight it, and the click the Play button in the playback controls at the bottom of the Toast window.
* To rearrange tracks
1 Select the tracks you want to rearrange.
2 Drag the tracks to a new position in the track list.
A black bar between tracks indicates where the tracks will be placed.
* To remove tracks
1 Select the tracks you want to remove.
2 Remove the selected tracks in any of these ways:
Click the Remove files button.
Press Delete.
Choose Edit > Clear.
The selected tracks are removed from the Content Area, but the originals are not deleted from your hard disk or your iTunes library.
* To view or edit track information:
1 Double-click on any track, or select a track and click the Get item information button Info just below the Content Area.
2 Optional: Edit information about the disc in the Disc tab, and edit information about individual tracks in the Tracks tab. This is the information that will appear on the finished disc if you have chosen to write CD-TEXT.
3 Click OK.