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General dialog box
n Limit recording to: Select to specify the maximum time in minutes that a recording may take up. Recording stops as soon as the specified time is reached.
Note: While recording, you can increase the recording time by clicking +.
n Mute system sounds while recording: Select this option to avoid capturing system signals, such as beeps generated by Instant Messaging, warning messages, and e-mail notifications.
Note: This option does not mute sounds generated by applications that do not use Windows for sound generation.
n Enable preroll of: Select this option to turn on background recording for a specified number of seconds. This option allows you to capture audio for several seconds before you click Record. For example, Pat is listening to audio streaming in from an audio card. After three seconds, she realizes that she wants to record the current program, which has already started. She clicks Record immediately, and she captures not only the audio that plays after she clicked Record, but also any audio received for the preceding five seconds (she has set the preroll time to 5 seconds). Because she is using the preroll feature, she has captured the entire program.
Note: This feature requires that the component (Easy Audio Capture, LP & Tape Assistant or Sound Editor) be running for the specified number of seconds before you click Record. If you are using Easy Audio Capture, you can configure it to launch on startup, so that this feature is always available. To do so, minimize it to the tray, right-click it, and choose Load at Startup.
Auto pause
n Enable auto pause: Select if you want recording to pause when a silence is detected.
n Length of silence: Specify the length of silence in seconds.
n Silence may contain noise: Select if you want to treat background noise (such as a regular hiss or humming) as silence.
Temporary files
n Save to: Specify the location of the temporary working folder where recorded audio files are stored.
n File name prefix: Enter a prefix for the file name.
For example, “Track”. This information is used to name the audio files you are about to record.