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File Format dialog box
n Presets: (Audio components only) Choose one of the predefined format settings, based on how you plan to use the imported file. The option you choose in this box determines the settings for the fields below.
n Format: Select one of the following file formats:
n .flac: Free Lossless Audio Codec
n .ogg: Ogg Vorbis Codec Compressed audio file
n .wav: Windows Audio File
n .wma: Windows Media Audio File
Note: Other file formats may be available.
n Encoder: Select the method you want to use to compress the audio. The options available vary depending on the file format selected.
Audio format
n Stereo: Select if you want to include both stereo channels.
n Mono: Select if you want to combine both channels into a mono signal.
n Format: Select the quality of your audio file, measured in hertz (Hz). Generally, the higher the sampling rate is, the better the quality of the sound, and the larger the file size.
n Bits per sample: Select the number of bits of data in each sample.
Caution: If the quality and compression settings are inconsistent, the recorded audio file may not play on some MP3 players. For example, if you combine high-quality compression (a bit rate of 16) with a low-quality sampling rate (8 kHz), or vice versa, the resulting audio file may not play.
n Constant Bit Rate: Select if you want to vary the sound quality to ensure a consistent number of bits per second of sound. This option produces predictable file sizes.
n Variable Bit Rate: Select if you want to vary the number of bits per second of sound depending on the amount of variation in the sound frequency and volume. This option results in better sound fidelity and larger file sizes.
n Best Quality - Smallest Size: Drag the slider to set the bit rate for the audio file. Choose a bit rate that provides an acceptable balance between file size and quality.
n Options: Depending on the settings you have selected, you may be able to select additional audio options from this drop-down list.
Note: This option is not available for some file formats.