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Audio CD Import dialog box
n Include drives: Select the drives from which you want to import audio tracks.
n Import from multiple drives simultaneously: Select if you want to be able to copy music from more than one disc drive at the some time. This option is recommended if your drives are attached to separate IDE channels or host controllers. If they are attached to the same channel or host controller, this option puts additional demands on your computer’s resources, and can result in reduced performance (reduced speed and audio distortion).
n Eject discs after importing: Select if you want the disc to be ejected after all tracks on the disc have been imported.
n Save imported tracks to: Browse to the path in which you want to save the imported tracks.
Note: If you enable the Add subfolder structure option in your Filename/Folder Structure settings, the files will be saved in subfolders within the selected folder.
n Look up audio CD information with CDDB: Select this option to look up audio CD information in an online music database. The audio CD information is stored in the Roxio media database.
n Look up track information for unrecognized audio CDs with MusicID: Select this option to search the online music database for track information if information about the CD cannot be found. Track information is stored in the Roxio media database.
n Skip tracks that have already been imported: Select this option to avoid re-importing tracks with the same artist and title from different media.
Note: Tracks with the same artist and title, but significant difference in length will be imported.