creator>Editing song info with the Audio Tag Editor >The Audio Tag Editor can be reached in several ways:>The Audio Tag Editor can be reached in several ways:
The Audio Tag Editor can be reached in several ways:
n From Roxio Home, select Edit Song Information on the Music - Audio project tab. Use the Media Selector dialog to select songs for editing.
n Click the Edit Audio Tags button or icon found in many of the applications included in your Roxio software suite.
n Right-click on an audio file. The shortcut menu that appears in many of your applications will include an Edit Audio Tags entry.
To edit track information manually:
1 In the tracks list, select the tracks for which you want to add or change information.
2 In Sound Editor, if you are editing tags for an audio clip that contains multiple tracks, and if you want to add or change information for only one track, select the track name in the Title drop-down list. Otherwise, you can edit all of the selected files together.
3 Select the text you want to change and then type new text.
4 Depending on the application from which you invoke the Edit Audio Tags dialog box, the following option might be available:
n Embed or replace tags inside the audio files (if supported by the format): Saves track information with the audio file. If you do not select this option, the audio tag information will be associated with the track in this project only. (This option is only available for file formats that support metadata.)
5 To close the dialog box, click Done.