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AVCHD Archive
AVCHD Archive is a great way to back up the high quality video shot with your AVCHD camcorder.
This simple task assistant saves video from an AVCHD recorder onto DVD or Blu-ray discs. There’s no reformatting or transcoding. Your discs will contain the same high definition video as your camera and can be used to add content to your video projects.
To transfer AVCHD video:
1 Connect your AVCHD Camera to your computer using the cable supplied with the camera.
2 Turn the camera on and set it to the correct mode to play back saved video. For more information, check the documentation for your camera.
3 Use Roxio Home to launch AVCHD Archive. From Roxio Home, click the Video - Movies project tab, then click Archive AVCHD Video.
The main window of AVCHD Archive has a From box on the left that you will use to select and preview your source material. On the right is a To box with a drop-down menu you will use to select a DVD or Blu-ray Disc burner.
4 Click on the From drop-down list and select your AVCHD camera. You can also choose to copy AVCHD content stored on a hard disk.
The source material will be listed in the From box, based on the playlist found in your AVCHD camcorder or folder.
5 Put an X in the checkbox of each movie you want to copy. To select all the movies at once, click Select All.
6 Optional: To preview a movie, click on its title or thumbnail image, and click the Preview button.
7 Place a blank DVD or Blu-ray disc in the disc drive you plan to use for this project. (You can use a rewritable disc that already contains content, but the disc will be erased before your new video files are archived.)
8 Select the disc drive in the To drop-down list.
The size of the project and the number of discs required is displayed. If you would like to change to a larger or smaller capacity disc, do so now. You will not be able to change disc format or capacity once the archive is underway.
9 Click the Go button to begin archiving your video. When the first disc is full, you will be prompted to replace it with another disc. This will continue until the archive is complete.