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Audio Converter window
The Audio Converter is an assistant you can use to quickly perform the following tasks:
n convert audio files or audio tracks from one or more formats and sources (such as audio CD, unencrypted DVD-Video disc, hard disk or iPod) to your preferred audio file format
n automatically rename audio files based on audio tag information
n move audio files or tracks from one location on your computer to another
n transfer audio files or tracks to a portable device, such as an iPod, PSP, MP3 player, or WMA player
Add Tracks
Click this button and use the Media Selector dialog to select the audio files or tracks you want to convert. Files can be selected from a hard disk, CD, DVD, or iPod. You may be able to add audio files from other portable devices, depending on the file and device type.
Edit Audio Tags
Before converting or transferring audio files, click this button to update the audio tags for the selected files. The Edit Audio Tags dialog box opens.
Tip: For more information, click Help on the Edit Audio Tags dialog box.
Click to convert the checked audio files or tracks to a different format, move them, or rename them.
Send to Portable
Click to transfer the checked audio files or tracks to a portable device. Begin by selecting a destination device. To convert the audio files or tracks to an appropriate format for the device, select Force convert to preferred audio format before sending and choose the desired format from the drop-down list.