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Using keyboard shortcuts
A standard system of shortcut keys (sometime called “accelerator” or “hot” keys) provides keyboard access to many program functions.
To activate a program function from the keyboard:
1 All functions, menu items, and program options have a single letter underlined. This is the shortcut key for the item. If the underlines are not visible, press the Alt key.
2 Hold down the Alt key and press the letter on the keyboard that is underlined in the item you wish to access. For example, in most Windows-based applications, to start a new file, press Alt, F, N.
The following table lists some of the standard Microsoft Windows keyboard shortcuts. You can use most of these shortcuts in your Roxio components:
To do this ...
Press these keys ...
Cancel a project or operation
Open the Help Center
Duplicate a mouse click
Use the Tab and arrow keys to reach the desired function or menu item then press Enter.
Duplicate a right-click of the mouse
Use the Tab and arrow keys to reach the desired program function or menu item then press Shift + F10.
Open the Start menu
Windows logo key
Open Windows Explorer
Windows logo key + E
Move the selected item to the Recycle Bin
Select all items
Ctrl + A
Copy the selected item
Ctrl + C
Cut the select item
Ctrl + X
Paste the selected item
Ctrl + V
Delete the selected item
Ctrl + D
Print the current file
Ctrl + P
Open a new file
Ctrl + N
Save the current file
Ctrl + S
Open a file
Ctrl + O
View the properties of the selected item
Ctrl + R
Undo the last action
Ctrl + Z
Redo the last action
Ctrl + Y
Invert selection
Ctrl + I
Exit the application
Alt + F4