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What is included in each category?
The behavior of the category selection buttons is a little different in Windows 7 and Windows 8, and Windows 10 than it is in older versions of Windows. In Windows 7 and 8, all of the files found in certain folders are backed up. In older versions of Windows, only files matching the selected categories are backed up. This is explained in more detail below.
Windows XP and Windows Vista
In these operating systems, BackOnTrack scans each user’s primary directory and backs up files with file name extensions that identify them as belonging to a selected category. For instance, files with a .doc extension are included in the Documents category; files with a .jpg extension are included in the Pictures category. When you run a My Data backup, the program is simply searching through each user directory for files with extensions that correspond to the categories selected.
Windows 7 and higher
For computers running Windows 7 or higher, categories are defined by a file’s location, instead of its extension. Unlike Windows XP and Windows Vista, only the current user’s primary directory is searched. The following list explains what’s included in each category:
n Documents: Documents library, including My Documents and Public Documents folders.
n Pictures: Pictures library, including My Pictures and Public Pictures folders.
n Videos: Videos library, including My Videos and Public Videos folders.
n Music: Music library, including My Music and Public Music folders.
Note: The one exception to these rules is the E-mail category. It searches each user’s primary directory for file extensions, such as .pstor .dbx, regardless of the Windows operating system that’s installed.