Importing movie titles from a DVD
Use the following procedure to copy movie titles from an unencrypted DVD.
Note: Commercial DVDs are encrypted by the distributor to prevent illegal copying of the DVD content. If you insert an encrypted DVD, Media Import does not show the DVD or its contents.
To copy movie titles from a DVD:
1 Insert a video DVD in the computer’s DVD drive.
2 Use the Windows AutoPlay dialog or Roxio Home to open Media Import. From Roxio Home, click the Video - Movies project category, then click Capture Video.
3 Using Media Import’s Device drop-down list, select the DVD.
4 Select the movie titles and chapters to copy. (To select multiple chapters or movies, press and hold Ctrl while clicking the movies or chapters.)
Note: If no movie titles appear, make sure that the DVD contains a VIDEO_TS folder. If the VIDEO_TS folder is not present, Media Import cannot read the DVD movie titles.
5 Click Browse to select the folder in which you want to save the media files.
6 Use the Rename files text box to give the files a meaningful name.
7 In the Capture Settings box, select the output template to use. For advanced options, click Edit.
8 In the Rename files text box, enter a name for the movie files.
Media Import uses the text you enter to begin the file name for each generated file. For example, if you enter “WeddingDVD,” the copied files are named “WeddingDVD 00000,” “WeddingDVD 00001” and so on.
9 Click Import Now.
The movie titles are copied to the specified folder on the hard disk.