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Supported input formats
Media Import allows you to import video in analog, digital video, and high definition video format, depending on the capabilities of your video device.
This is the traditional video format, in which video signals are captured frame-by-frame, and stored on a tape.
Digital video (DV)
In digital video format, video signals are converted to binary data (ones and zeros) for storage on tape. DV format provides a higher quality output than analog format.
High definition video (HDV)
This is a digital video format in which video signals are compressed in MPEG2 format, and stored on a DV tape.
Advanced video codec high definition video (AVCHD)
An AVC high definition camera combines AVC video with PCM 7.1 or AC-3 5.1 audio and records it to a removable device, such as a video disc, mini hard disk, memory card, or flash drive.
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