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Importing video from a digital camera
Use this procedure to import videos from a digital camera.
To import videos from a camera:
1 Connect the camera to your computer following the instructions that came with the camera.
2 Use the Windows AutoPlay dialog or Roxio Home to open Media Import. From Roxio Home, click the Video - Movies project category, then click Capture Video.
3 Using Media Import’s Device drop-down list, select your camera.
4 Select the videos to import.
5 Select the location in which you want to save the media files.
6 In the Rename Files text box, enter a name for the selected files.
Media Import uses the text entered in this box as the beginning of the file name for each imported media file. For example, if you are importing multiple videos and enter “VideoDec15,” the imported files are named “VideoDec15 00000,” “VideoDec15 00001,” and so on.
7 Optional: Select the Delete files from device after transfer check box to delete the videos from the camera after the import process is complete.
8 Click Import Now.
Media Import imports the digital media files to the selected folder.