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Production Settings
n Default handling for non-4:3/non-16:9 source: Choose how to handle video source that does not match the production type. You can choose to show the entire source, or crop the source to fill the screen.
n Background fill: Select the background fill to use when the video or image does not fill the entire screen. You can choose the following options:
n Solid color: Select to use a solid color as a fill. Select a color from the color picker.
Tip: For more color choices, select More colors. Or use the eye dropper: Click the eye dropper tool, and then click a sample of the color you want to use. You can click a color anywhere in the the application window.
n Gradient. Select to use a graduated color fill for the screen. Click the box to select the colors.
n Image: Select to use an image as fill. Click Browse to select the image file you want to use.
n Editing frame rate: This option is used for all time calculations during editing (for example, the time position display of the main preview controls, which tells you what frame number you are at within a production). It also determines how far you advance when you click next frame/previous frame buttons. You can choose the following options:
n 29.97 fps (NTSC)
n 25 fps (PAL)
n 30 fps (Computer)
n Default still image duration: The amount of time still images will be displayed. You can override this setting for individual images.