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Settings - Effects
Main tab
The Main tab of the effect Settings dialog allows you to customize the settings for an effect. The options available vary depending on the effect type.
Key frame tab
The Key frame tab of the effect Settings dialog allows you to define the settings for an effect at different points in time within your production, image, or video clip. During the time between the key frames, the application gradually changes the effect settings from the settings defined in the first key frame to the settings defined in the second key frame. For example, if you apply the SearchLights effect to your production, you can set the brightness and speed to a high level at the beginning of the production, and set them to a lower level five seconds into the production. To do so, you use key frames at the beginning of the production and at the five-second position.
By default, when you add an effect, the application adds start and end key frames. To add additional key frames, display the Key frames tab of the effect Settings dialog box.
To add a keyframe:
1 In the Preview window, use the jog wheel or slider to move the playback head to the position at which you want to insert the keyframe.
Tip: To show the key frame position as an offset from the end of the effect area, instead of from the beginning, click Offset from end.
2 Click Add key frame here.
3 Make sure the key frame is selected in the drop-down box, and adjust its effect settings.
4 Optional: To adjust the time position of the key frame, use the jog wheel.