This dialog box lets you set up and record narration for an item in the production, or for the entire production.
n Audio Settings. Select these settings:
n Device. Select the audio input device that the recording device is plugged into. (Usually, this is the name of the sound card installed in your computer, into which you have plugged the microphone.)
n Input. Select the jack on the audio input device into which the audio source is plugged. (Usually, this is the name of the microphone that you have plugged into the sound card.)
n Directory. Select the location to store the narration audio clip.
n Level. Set the volume level (dB). To increase or decrease the volume, use the Plus (+) or Minus (-) buttons (or move the slider).
n Level meters. During recording, watch the Left Level and Right Level meters to be sure the audio is not clipping and adding distortion. The indicator(s) reach the far right area of the meter, the audio is clipping and the volume should be reduced
n Record. Click this to start recording (a count down message appears).
n Stop. Click when you are finished recording the narration.
Tip: Single-clicking the clip name moves goes to the start of the clip, double-clicking will preview the clip.
n Preview. Select a narration clip, and then click this to play it.
n Delete. Select a narration clip, and then click to delete it.