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Audio Trimmer
Use the Audio Trimmer to select the part of an audio clip to play. For example, if you have a 20-second audio clip, but only want to play the 10 seconds of audio in the middle of the clip, you can trim away the first and last 5-second sections of audio.
You can also use the Audio Trimmer set the audio to loop (play repeatedly) for the duration of the production. You can loop the whole clip by selecting the Loop option without trimming, or you can trim the audio clip and only loop a section of it.
To trim an audio clip:
1 Optional. Use the Zoom in and Zoom out buttons to change the view of the audio clip.
2 Use the In point jog wheel to move the left playhead to select the starting point in the audio clip.
3 Use the Out point jog wheel to move the right playhead, to select the ending point of the audio clip.
4 If you want the audio clip to loop, select the Loop check box.