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Settings - Button - Style tab
The tab lets you choose the button design, specify where the button label goes, and select and animate button thumbnail images.
n Button style: Choose a design from this list.
n Thumbnail: If the button design includes a thumbnail of the linked movie or menu, use the following to select the thumbnail source:
n Use linked menu/movie: Select this option to use an image from the linked item as the thumbnail.
n Custom: To create a thumbnail from a different video or image, select this option, then click Browse and select an image or video file.
n Motion thumbnail: If you use a video source for the thumbnail, you can select this check box to have the button display a looping section of the video.
n Text: The following settings affect the button’s label:
n Offset X: Use the sliders to change the horizontal position of the label text.
n Offset Y: Use the sliders to change the vertical position of the label text.