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Settings - Movie - Main tab
Note: The settings available may vary depending on the project type.
This tab lets you choose the basic settings for a movie.
n After playing: The following options determine what happens when the movie finishes:
n Return to last menu: Select this option to display the last menu that the viewer was in.
n Play next movie in project: Select this option to play the next movie in the list in the Project view area (Movies tab).
n Go to: Select this option, then select an item from the list to play that item.
Note: You can override this setting using the After playing setting in the Item Settings - Button dialog box.
n Display on 4:3 device: Use this setting to control how a 16:9 movie is displayed on a 4:3 device such as a standard TV:
n Letterbox: The entire image is displayed with letterbox bars at the top and bottom.
n Pan & Scan: The left and right sides of the image are cropped.