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Settings - Movie - Encoding tab
This tab lets you specify a movie’s video and audio bitrates separately from the rest of the project. If the project is set to use Fit to disc, you cannot change these settings; you must click Project Settings and turn off Fit to disc in the Project Settings dialog box.
n Use project default encode settings: Clear this check box to specify customized bitrates for the movie.
n Preset: Select one of the video quality options:
n High Quality: Gives the best results with all video sources. You can usually edit the video with little or no effect on the image quality.
n Long Play: Lets you fit more video onto a disc than the Standard Play option, but video quality is low. To get good results with this setting, you need a very clean DV or analog source. Not suitable for editing.
n Standard Play: Fits twice as much video onto a disc as the High Quality option. Not recommended when the video source is low-quality or noisy. Not recommended for editing.
n Extra Long Play: Lets you fit the most video on the disc, but with the lowest video quality. Not suitable for editing.
n Custom: Lets you set the video and audio quality yourself. The following options become enabled:
n Video: You can set the following video options.
n Image Resolution: Select one of the image resolution options. There is very little difference between 720 x 480/576 and 704 x 480/576. The 352 x 480/576 option is a good choice when the video bitrate is lower than about 4 Mbps. 352 x 240/288 should be used only when the video bitrate is very low.
n Bitrate: Drag the slider to change the video bitrate, which controls how much disc space is used for each second of video. Higher bitrates produce better quality video but require more disc space for a given video duration.
n Audio: You can set the following audio options.
n Audio format: Select one of the audio format options:
n Dolby Digital AC3: Provides good sound quality while using little disc space.
n MPEG: (PAL-format projects only) Provides good sound quality and uses little disc space.
n LPCM: Provides the best sound quality, but, since it is uncompressed, requires the most disc space.
n Bitrate: If you chose Dolby Digital or MPEG audio, choose a bitrate from this drop-down list. This controls how much disc space is used for each second of audio, with higher bitrates producing better sound. The recommended bitrate is 192 kbps. If you chose LPCM audio, Bitrate is greyed out.