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Easy Audio Capture (Full mode)
Use Easy Audio Capture to:
n Record streaming audio from the Internet. If you like streaming radio, you’ll love Easy Audio Capture, which records songs, collects artist and album information, and transfers everything into your iTunes music library.
n Digitally restore and preserve LPs and audio tapes.
n Capture audio over your computer’s internal microphone or any microphone connected to your computer.
You can use Easy Audio Capture in Full or Mini mode.
To record audio in Full mode:
1 Set the following options, as required:
n Capture From: Select a source from the list.
n Input: Select your audio input channel. For example, if you want to record from a Line in input, select Line In.
n Recording Level: Drag the slider to increase or decrease the recording volume. If the volume is too high, distortion may result. If the volume is too low, the resulting sound may be less than optimal.
Adjust the recording level so that the meter indicators light up only to the middle of the meter, passing the middle only occasionally. If all of the meter indicators stay lit persistently, the recording level has passed the zero dB clipping point, and is too “hot.” If this occurs, reduce your recording level.
If you want Easy Audio Capture to automatically find a recording level that does not clip, click Auto. Easy Audio Capture uses the highest possible recording level. If clipping occurs, Easy Audio Capture reduces the recording level.
n Balance: Drag the slider to balance the audio level between the left and right speakers.
n Record Internet Audio: Select Separate Tracks if you want your recording divided into tracks and transferred to your iTunes music library. Select One Track to have the entire recording saved as a single audio file.
n Capture settings: Click the Options button to open the Capture Settings dialog box. To transfer recordings to your iTunes music library, choose the following settings:
n Click on the Save to tab and choose iTunes from the Save to drop-down menu.
n Select the Separate Tracks after silence of checkbox. For best results, set the time control between one and two seconds.
n When iTunes is selected as the destination, the Audio Format settings automatically changes to AAC. Choose Low, Medium, or High from the Quality drop-down list.
n Click OK to close the dialog box.
Note: Click the Help button to learn more about the settings available on the Capture Settings dialog box.
2 Start playing your source audio.
3 Click Record to start recording.
4 Optional: If you limited the recording time in the Capture Settings dialog box, and you want to extend the recording time, click + (beside Time left to record) for each additional minute that you want to record.
5 When the analog source finishes playing, click Stop to stop recording.
6 When you finish recording, click Close.