Print dialog box
This dialog box lets you choose different options for printing. You can also access the Page Setup and Printer Calibration options from here.
n Printer: Select the name of the printer.
n Properties: Click to open the Print Properties dialog box for your printer. For more information about the settings that are available, refer to the documentation that came with your printer.
n Status: Displays the status of the printer.
n Print Quality: Displays the quality setting of the printer.
n Number of Copies: Enter the number of copies of your project to print. The same number of copies will print for each layout. Be sure to load the printer with the correct number of labels in the correct order (they print as listed in the dialog).
n Type: Displays the type of printer you are using (if available).
n Media: Choose the type of media on which you are printing from the drop-down list.
n Paper Type: If you are printing to paper, select the paper type.
n Print Disc Outline and Print Center/Core Label: If you are printing a disc label, select the checkboxes if you want to print the disc outline (or the outline for a booklet, cover, or other type of insert) or the center (core) of the label.
n Preferences: Click to configure the Overprint/Bleeding and Fine Tuning settings in the Print Preferences dialog box.
n Calibrate: Click to configure the print alignment in the Printer Calibration dialog box.
n Sheets Required: Displays the number of pages required to print your print selections.
n Print Test Page: Click to print a test page.
n Layout Navigator (checkboxes): Select any of the layout checkboxes to select for printing. Select the layout thumbnail to see a preview of it.
n Printing Preferences (LightScribe devices only): Select Best, Normal, or Draft for the print quality.
The label burn time will increase from Draft to Normal to Best:
n Best: Provides the sharpest contrast with the longest burn time. Use best level for important business transaction, gifts and personal treasures.
n Normal: Provides moderate burn time with good contrast. Use normal level for professional labels.
n Draft: Provides the fastest burn time with lowest contrast. Use draft level for utility labels.